Vacation Planning

July 21, 2014

Irelyn plans to go on vacation with her family from September 14th through September 20th, which will require her to take five 8-hour vacation days off from work. She accrues, or earns, three-and-a-third vacation hours each payday, and her paydays are always the 15th and last days of each calendar month. At the end of the day on July 15th, Irelyn’s total accrued vacation hours was exactly 32 hours. If Irelyn takes this vacation in September, but uses no other accrued vacation time, how many total vacation hours will she have at the end of the day on October 15th?


Irelyn is planning this vacation to the beach for a group of three families. She has found a house that has enough room for 14 people, which is just the size of her group. The participating families have 3, 5 and 6 family members. To rent the house for the week costs $2800. If the group agrees to split the rent so that an equal portion of the rent is assigned to each person in the group, how much will the family with the biggest portion of the rent owe?


Since Irelyn and her family do not live close to the beach, they must fly to the airport closest to the beach. Irelyn has a coupon that entitles her to either a 15% discount off the standard ticket price for each ticket she purchases or a free fifth ticket for every four tickets she purchases. If Irelyn’s family has five members and they each need a plane ticket, for which the standard price of $329, what is the lowest possible total cost for the family’s airline tickets using one of these two promotional discounts?