Words Values

July 28, 2014

Can you believe summer is almost over? June is gone and we’re in the last week of July already! Not only did they feel like short months, but their names are relatively short, too, with just four letters each. If the “value” of a word is determined by multiplying the letter values of each letter in the word, and letter values are assigned such that A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, …, Y = 25 and Z = 26, what is the value of the word JULY?


Using the same process as above, we would see that the three-letter combination XYZ has a value of 24 × 25 × 26 = 15,600, even though XYZ isn’t really a word. How many different three-letter combinations have a value of 60? Remember that in a combination, XYZ is the same as ZYX.


What word has a value of 455 and is a type of stone?