Please note: Registration has just begun for our 2013-2014 school year, so please allow up to two weeks for your school to appear on this page. If you are a school administrator and would like to register, please visit our “get started” page.

A school's listing on the list below confirms that you have official registration for the 2013-2014 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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PLEASE NOTE: It can take up to 14 days to process your registration. If your school is not listed 14 days after submitting your registration, please contact the MATHCOUNTS Registration Office at 301-498-6141.

Registered Competition Schools Directory

School Name City St Coach Team Indv
Central Middle School Of Science Anchorage AK Jennifer Johnson 1 2
Goldenview Middle School Anchorage AK Kim Smith 1 4
Grace Christian School Anchorage AK Mark Harris 1 6
Rilke Schule German Immerson School Anchorage AK Susan Oakley 1 6
Rogers Park Elementary School Anchorage AK Rachel McNeil 1 4
Romig Middle School Anchorage AK John Bruce 1 6
Cantwell School Cantwell AK Caitlin Santos 1
Fort Greely School Delta Junction AK Samantha Kiser 1 6
Gruening Middle School Eagle River AK Keenan Casteel 1
Barnette Magnet School Fairbanks AK Nicole Millam 1 6
Fairbanks Homeschool Fairbanks AK Vladimir Kulchitsky 1 3
Nautiyal Homeschool Fairbanks AK Ajay Nautiyal 1
Randy Smith Middle School Fairbanks AK Cheryl Dow 1 2
Randy Smith Middle School Fairbanks AK Cheryl Dow 1 2
Rosamond Weller Elementary School Fairbanks AK Michelle Harlamert 1
Ryan Middle School Fairbanks AK Timothy Ludwig 1 6
University Park Elementary School Fairbanks AK Amy Noon 1 1
Watershed Charter School Fairbanks AK Moira OMalley 1 6
Homer Middle School Homer AK Rand Seaton 1 6
Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School Juneau AK Mary Borthwick 1 4
Floyd Dryden Middle School Juneau AK Kari Robinson 1
Montessori Borealis Adolescent Program Juneau AK Fawn Heeter 1 4
Kenai Middle School Kenai AK David B Thomas 1 4
Schoenbar Middle School Ketchikan AK Ole Sullivan 1
North Pole Middle School North Pole AK Patrick Frymark 1